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Originally Posted by Loststudent View Post
Hi everyone, I'm holding on to an offer from NUS Law with bond-free scholarships from NUS and a local bank. I've also been shortlisted by Cambridge and I'll be having my interview sometime this month.

From your experience in the industry, is a legal education at Oxbridge necessarily better than one at NUS? Also, do local bond-free scholarships carry any weight in the legal industry?

My sensing now is that studying at Oxbridge brings about three main advantages in the form of the prestige that accompanies these schools, the rigour of the legal education in view of the tutorial system, and the possibility of qualifying and working in the UK. I do not mind working in the UK in the short run (+-10 years) but would ultimately want to settle down in SG after obtaining international experience.

But at the same time, NUS offers a free university education, great profs who are well versed in the local laws, and a direct path to qualifying and practising in SG. Granted, the cost is not really an issue for me as my parents are able to sponsor my university education.

I would appreciate if you could share your thoughts
Personally, I recommend you do the 4 years at NUS Law. After that, go do your BCL/LLM at oxbridge can liao. Here's why:

(1) tbh nus is as good as oxford. most of my profs were from oxford BCL/PHD anyway and teach in a similar fashion.
(2) you can get oxford profs as well when they visit - just take their intensives.
(3) exams are generally open book - why the hell you wanna memorise like mad?
(4) where is it you wanna practice? If you want to practice SG Law, don't waste 1 year for Part A and RLT - easier to just study at NUS for that additional period - heard of oxbridge people failing Part A (bless their souls).
(5) Do your BCL/LLM. you can then call yourself a oxbridge graduate as well. Can take a year off work/get firm to sponsor - life also good.
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