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Originally Posted by sggirl View Post
Hi hi thanks for replying!! May i know why you think that there will be a significant paycut if I switch in the future?? Isit because companies think you don't learn much tech stuff at banks or..?

I was thinking of gaining experiences in the fintech industry and switching to a IT consulting role in the future e.g Accenture, SAP
Fintech is typically very specialized and pay higher compared to other counterpart in tech industry(exception of google,facebook, visa all those)

If you jump to another sector in tech like for example non finance(lots of your experience would be redundant and the only relevant one are those transferable basic skills, hence you will be taking a pay cut due to skill mismatch and the industry not paying as much for same lvl role in bank)...
why skill mismatch? because the technology you used is most likely product based which is not very good for progressing your technical skills, it is good for improving your bizness skill as it is very process base.

So if you intend to go like SAP, go join a company that have project in SAP and willing to groom you in that domain, you would have a high chance of getting your role in SAP.
For finance you are pretty much limited to fintech and non-tech role like business analyst etc unless you are a google standard developer which you can jump to almost anywhere.
And rmb bank really like to offshore if they can for things like programming.
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