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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Are UK non oxbridge universities really that bad? Why do you guys call them degree mills . Their graduates can practice in Singapore all the same too right.
Well.. if these unis arenít difficult to get in. They donít reject any applications, donít conduct interviews before offering a place, donít take much intellect and hard work to get a secondupper/ first, itís quite like a degree mill, no? Their graduates may be able to practice but thereís no saying whether they are good or bad lawyers. Likewise, Oxbridge/local uni grads might not be good lawyers as well.

Iím a practicing degree mill grad myself so no hate here. Which uni you are from is more like a stepping stone to get hired at a bigger/ better/ superficial firm. One can get hired by a law firm and practice just because the firms need the manpower, not because they truly value you. However, you become a better practicing lawyer based on your work experience with your boss (whether good or bad working style or temperament) and his clientele, which will help you when you become partner in the future.

Itís just easier for the public and fellow learned friends to judge a lawyer based on the Uni or school or law firm they are from because itís hard to pick out other differentiating factors until one actually works and interacts with them.

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