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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
If you in bank then you will be stuck in IT finance industry forever loh cause if you switch u will definitely take a significant paycut.

In terms of SG and you really want go technical path then tech company is the way to go =)...... GovTech is not bad too but also depends on which dept and proj u go to =)

In terms of pay all should be ard the one u stated but annual package not sure =)

But if u already gotten an offer from the bank, it is highly likely that the offer will expire before u get another offer. So tink wisely haha in terms of ur career path within the next 5 yrs...... if u only care abt $$ then u can accept the bank offer, career path wise bank does not offer much
Hi hi thanks for replying!! May i know why you think that there will be a significant paycut if I switch in the future?? Isit because companies think you don't learn much tech stuff at banks or..?

I was thinking of gaining experiences in the fintech industry and switching to a IT consulting role in the future e.g Accenture, SAP

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