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I was fortunate enough to attend one of the few prestigious universities outside SG included in schedule 2. I always had the idea of migrating to SG till I came across this forum. After reading most of the comments by SG doctors, it's quite baffling as to why doctors from third world countries want to migrate to SG. In my third world country, I work 36 hours per week as an MO in an Obs&Gyne unit. I engage in a locum practice leisurely. My take home salary is around 2k SGD per month from which I save around 1k. In a country where things are relatively less expensive and there is enough land for everybody, savings of 1k can go a long way that I have my own house in a 12 perch block with an actual garden and drive a 2012 Audi A4. On top of these, I have time to read for a PG which gets me a GMC registration directly. Come on people, leave SG and come back to your less developed countries. Enjoy your life. Money isn't everything. Enjoy the beaches and sunset and actual green pastures for a change.
If you're indeed above monetary persuasion as you self-professed, you wouldn't be cruising through this forum would you? Why would you be interested in singaporean doctors salaries which is the namesake of this forum?

Truthfully speaking, most migrants who move to a better country (thereby depriving their own underserved country of a doctor culturally similar to themselves) do so for selfish reasons whether for themselves or their families, and if those of you amongst us have the guts to admit that then we local doctors would at least have some respect for you.

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