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Originally Posted by TypicalFarmer View Post
i'm currently holding a government-related job, earning 100k p.a all in. is it crazy to want to switch to selling property? are there any stats on median annual commission rates?

How can I gain access to selling landed property or do all agents need to start from selling smaller HDB flats?

I have a wealth of experience in sales, digital marketing, photography, videography and thought it'd be a good fit for the industry.

comments welcome!
If the job you are holding is not harming your health, just stay on.

Being experienced in skills does not necessarily mean you will be well fitted in the property industry.

Many factors come into play. Word of mouth, trust and commitment come a long way.

I bought a house from an agent not because of his knowledge. In fact he has no big photography or videography skills. He is just a simple down to earth person serving his clients.

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