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Uh it's a simple question really - all I'm asking for is whether anyone knows the starting salary at L&W? I hear that CC's pay is approx 12k p.m. for NQs (after 2 year TC). There's no need for anyone to bring up the comparison between overseas and local grads.

Yo I heard from someone who works... or at least used to work there that it depends whether you are a US/UK/SG graduate. Numbers for 1st year associates (USD):

US = 190k/annum starting pay
UK = slightly less, idk maybe 180k?
SG = Even less, but by just a small bit, maybe 170k?

Fwiw i'm in a law school in the states now, hoping to take that US path (though I'm also exploring other options, seems like lawyers aren't really a happy bunch...), so at the very least I know that number for US associates is correct for sure. You can check it out at their vault website too at ://

I've also heard that if you're a local grad, the usual route to get into a MC/White Shoe firm is to lateral after a few years of working in a decent local firm (doesn't have to be big4, can be Rodyk or other firms too).

Here's wishing you all the best ya! Hopefully you can get in and be a kindly senior to me if I'm lucky enough to join you in the future too!
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