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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Susan Lim you mean? I think if she wins paying 1million is fine.

Instead of contingency fees, we are going on an opposite direction.
Anyway, ultimately what is fair charging is subjective and dependent on who you ask.

But pricing control can be a good tool to control cost. Surgeons already have fees benchmarks.
Shan said contingency fees is a no no as it will encourage a litigious society. Arguably fee caps will have the same unintended effect as litigants will try their luck knowing their exposure is limited.

Pricing control is a blunt tool and only effective if you are providing a commoditised service. Litigation isn't a commoditised service, except at the low level.

Anyone who wants to shift litigation to a commoditised model, I hope you get sued or charged sooner rather than later. Believe me when that happens, you'll be eating your words and demanding personalised 24 hour service even from your bargain-priced Chinatown litigator.
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