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SAF officer pay grade:
FY2013 (ended Mar 2013) - $611,000
FY2014 (ended Mar 2014) - $1,750,000 to $1,999,999 band
FY2015 (ended Mar 2015) - $2,311,023
FY2016 (ended Mar 2016) - $1,871,714
FY2017 (ended Mar 2017) - [no longer reported as SMRT was privatised]
FY2018 (ended Mar 2018) - [no longer reported as SMRT was privatised]
'There are no poor soldiers, only poor leaders': SMRT chief Neo Kian Hong said of LG Desmond Kuek in CNA today. Disappointed to see a ranking officer taking a below-the-belt swipe at another; what happened to the brotherhood bond amongst serving officers?
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