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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
The "survival bias" poster and others in the comments above are advancing the argument that NUS grads are better than UK grads because they tend to dominate the MC/white shoe firms in singapore. My point is that they are not making an appropriate comparison. Since the best UK grads are in London, they only see a skewed representation of UK grads in SG.

I take your point that UK grads may return at some point down the line. Anecdotally however, I can think of no one amongst my peers who even wish to return. If this is representative of the SG expat community here, then any basis of comparison between SG and UK grads would be flawed if it only considered grads working in SG to the exclusion of those working in London.
Iím the NUS poster above who works in an international firm, and I just want to clarify my intentions. I never intended to suggest that the quality of UK grads is any poorer than that of NUS grads. All I wanted to do was to share an empirical observation that the Singaporeans you see in international firmsí offices here tend to be NUS grads. And thatís a function of corporate poaching and the upward mobility NUS grads enjoy from starting out in a local big 4 shop which MCs love to poach from - thatís all.

Personally, I found the NUS open book system easier than the UK closed book system. It was a lot less torturous for sure since I hate memory work, and Iíve no doubt that those who aced their UK exams have brilliant minds and are no less capable than NUS grads. What I do see however is a general bias in local Big 4 Firms against the grads who come out from any UK University other than Oxbridge or the top London universities (including Kings btw. No idea why thereís so much Kings bashing going on around here, since the MC outfit I joined is full of smart Kings grads).

I donít think you can put UK grads in one ďboxĒ and local grads in the other. That was never my intention.

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