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You are ignoring the fact that plenty of singaporean UK grads get hired into the London offices every year, something which SG grads do not have the opportunity to do. This is a significantly different (and imo far superior) career path compared to going back to work in SG.

On that basis alone, it is worth mentioning in response to the "survival bias" comment. Point being - the best of the best don't even go back to SG, they stay in London. Hence, when you compare local grads with UK grads in SG, you are comparing the best of locals with the more mediocre of UK.
I suggest you read the poster's comment more carefully - he mentioned survival bias in reference to the person who said he was working alongside UK graduates in an international firm. I consider it a fair assumption that the calibre of people who make it to international firms are largely similar regardless of location. While it is true most of the best UK graduates start their traineeship in a London firm, that does not preclude them from working in the firm's Singapore office down the line. (And even then international firms could include white shoe firms).

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