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Originally Posted by Mentos View Post
What if there is option number 4? Why don't you rent your condo and buy bigger property in Singapore? Like this you have extra money to pay for your loan and you still have 2 properties at the end of the day... What do you think?
Thanks. This is my option 1 actually.

Detail plan:
year 2018: my small condo worth 750k, my housing loan 600k
year 2024: my small condo worth 900k (assume only), my housing loan 500k.

If I take home equity loan, which is 80% of market price-existing loan-CPF used for payment, I can cash out 900kx80%-500k=220k.

Together with my future wife, we might probably afford downpayment of 500k for a 3rm new condo in OCR area.

But the catch is: we will be on debit of 1.2million....for 30 years......
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