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What's the difference between what the senior consultant does compared to a fresh grad consultant, except for the salary?

Do senior consultants tend to handle external parties and clients independently on his own or is there a project manager fronting the user requirement discussion with the clients and directing the work? The senior consultant is to give the technical implementation inputs?

I believe for the fresh grad consultants, they would definitely be led by a PM at least due to their inexperience.

Also, are senior consultants expected to be promoted to project management role after certain number of years, or they can choose to stay at senior consultant level handling the implementation?
Senior Consultant primary role is to do system design and front the customer. Although when project are behind timeline and lack manpower, you are expected to be able to code and help with the development.

Career progression is as follow for degree holder : App Consultant > Senior App Consultant > Lead App Consultant or Assistant PM > Project Manager > Senior Project Manager > Associate Director > Service Delivery Director > Appointment Holder...

After Senior App Consultant, you can choose to go on project mgmt path or technical path(architect role)

Most people get stuck in Lead Consultant/PM until they retire......which pay decently ard 7k.

Your working hours and condition depends on your project, different project can have very different life and progression...aka heaven and hell situation...

Development project are always firefighting so busy that you might not learn alot as you are just rushing for deadline most of the time.

Maintenance project are generally quite slow pace, you learn more depth than breadth as opposed to development project you learn more breadth than depth... Usually busy only when huge CR come....

The project you get assigned to can determine whether you waste your time there or gain valuable experience for fresh grad... people say that its a good place to learn alot (partly true but hugely dependent on which project you get assigned to)

Not a bad company but progression/learning depends is very dependent on your project... Once you get into a project, its really hard to change to a new one.

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