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Originally Posted by Unregistered Lion View Post
base pay is about $2,400 (if you do not have any actuarial exams, or if the company does not reimburse you straight up for your IOA/IAA exemptions)

end 2008: starting pay was $3,300 (i have passed Exam P/1 and Exam F/2 and am an overseas graduate)
2009: no promotion/increment (bad financial situation), remain at $3,300
passed Exam MLC/3L and MFE/3F: $3,600
2010: no promotion, token increment to $3,672
2011: passed FAP-IA: $4,122
no promotion, token increment to $4,251

doesn't look like i will be a millionaire any time soon, now, does it?
I would say, that's very good progression. You have gotten $900 increment in just a little over 2 years.

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