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Default Manager position under 4k

Giving back to the community

Almost 2019 already, below 4k for manager. The post came with an asterix meaning no experience also can apply.

Salary does not commensurate with experience.

8 years of relevant experience
Relevant NTU Masters degree
Private university
To be fair, I hope to climb up to managerial.
No matter how I count, dunno how they count. 1 year 100 is it? Maybe it makes sense if my private degree starts at 2600.

Manager and above, the PT score determines if HR software automatically sends you an email of rejection once your score is filled in.

The lady whom I spoke with sounded really desperate and dejected, must have been scolded by so many candidates with experience, offering them under 4k when their previous job was in the 6 or 7k region.

This shows you that government is now trying to absorb jobless people with minimum wage.

The good thing is the solid bonuses and family oriented culture. Never going to small business ever.
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