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Fully agreed. To add, the risk of pissing off the partner is dismissively low. Not everyone are on good terms with each other. The partner in firm A could be an ex-spouse of the partner in firm B. Or perhaps competing for business. Or perhaps bad blood during university.

You canít be so unlucky to go to firm A where the partner is a spouse of the partner in firm B.
Life doesnít work like that.
For whatís its worth, I know of a friend in law who has said he hates his ex (who is in law too) and he is going to take her down and the current bf (i.e. guy who stole his gf). Childish as it may sound but this friend is probably one of the top lawyers around and itís possible he may just do that (in future). So yeah this is just one example but it shows you not everyone are good and chummy with each other. So donít overthink just switch your tc!!

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