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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
any inhouse folks here?

do share your experience

are you content with your pay package?

I'm responding on my phone so apologies in advance for any spelling/grammatical mistakes! (i know how people can be on this forum).

I've written on this forum before to give my two cents worth on in-house life so this is going to be an update of sorts. By way of background, I was in practice for 2 years before joining a foreign MNC as their AP legal counsel.

I am now at pqe 3+ earning 7k/mth. I started out at 5.5k/mth and was generously given 2 increments to 6.25k/mth and most recently 7k/mth. Gotta prove your worth!!

As you can see, it's a lot less than what you will earn in private practice (assuming you join a big/mid-size firm). What you sacrifice in pay, you essentially get back in work life balance. In the year plus i've been here, i've only had to work late 4/5 times... I can literally count with one hand the number of times i've stayed past 6. Medical, dental, insurance all covered to an extremely generous degree. Travel is frequent to sea countries.

The only thing is.... Life can be pretty boring. The work presents a different kind of challenge - it is very much about helicopter views and soft skills as opposed to hard core 110% brain usage.
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