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Originally Posted by samantha_wong View Post
I found a job after a long period of joblessless. My employer wants me to pay both sides of CPF and I have agreed in writing to do the same. In sept i paid for both sides of CPf. This company has a "cost to company" basis of compensation.
tHIS Appears unusual. Most companies I know pay the employer's side of cpf and don ask the employee to pay for this.
any thoughts?
Just to add on -

It does not matter if your employer asked and you signed the contract with the above terms as the contract is illegal and hence cannot be enforced.

While your rights as an employee will be protected by the government and hence you can file your case with MOM.

Having said that ,
It is important to feed yourself cos no point talking about rights when you dont have food. What i mean is :

The practical reality is - I will suggest once you take the above actions - you will need to leave the company. It is unlikely things will work well for you after these actions. So if i am you and i dont have a job, i will do what i can ie look for a new job and know my rights. I will file the case only after i find a new job as it is no point staying with a non compliant company. I will also be very careful in signing matters that are "grey" cos if the company can get something as basic as CPF wrong, there is likely a few more areas that cannot be right.

All the best ! Hope things work out for you
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