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Originally Posted by samantha_wong View Post
I found a job after a long period of joblessless. My employer wants me to pay both sides of CPF and I have agreed in writing to do the same. In sept i paid for both sides of CPf. This company has a "cost to company" basis of compensation.
tHIS Appears unusual. Most companies I know pay the employer's side of cpf and don ask the employee to pay for this.
any thoughts?
U send email to your manager (documentary proof) ask them to reimburse you back or you will report MOM.

Then keep the email and forward MOM

Employer cpf means employer contribute.

For a fresh grad with monthly pay of $3000, i actually do costing of $60k, coz need to account for bonus, employer cpf, hospitalization leave, mc, training.

So your employer play punk, you play punk with them.
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