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This isn't a discussion about expat or local lifestyle. Most foreigners on expat packages are >300k so it is a given that TS cannot get anywhere close to being expat lifestyle. The rent of a typical expat housing benefit would wipe out most of his salary.

The challenge for him is even by local standards it's not very 'average" either. 7k is significantly below median/average in Singapore for employed household income (median is ~9k, average ~12k). Coupled with the fact that foreigners incur additional expenses and generally do not get to enjoy all the rebates and subsidies compared to citizens, the like for like adjusted income could be closer to 25th percentile.

At the end of the day TS and his partner must be able to accept a lifestyle that is around lower-middle income of a typical Singaporean for this thing to even work.

More info can be found here :[://[/
Using the household income may be misleading as many of these households have non-working children included in them.

Since he only has one dependent, the economics are quite different from those with children (more dependents).

In my opinion, TA doesnít need to spend so much on rent if heís willing to stay in a 3-room HDB or condo in suburban area. 2k will be enough.

If you are willing to take a masterís bedroom in HDB or condo, rent can be even cheaper at 1k - 1.5k.
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