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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I agree with this poster as I am working in a well known MNC.

We recruit from a diverse pool in terms of nationalities, race and gender.

I have colleagues from China, Myanmar,Pakistan, US and UK, just to name a few.

My team has a mixture of locals and Malaysians. We have a strong performance culture and will reward the best people and will never pay people less because of cost issue. We will ask people who consistently underperform to leave.

We also have a strong selection process for us to select people who are capable.

Unfortunately I have encountered foreigners from Vietnam and India who tried to get into a role while using means to cheat or give answers from online searches. In actual fact they have no ideal of what the actual role entails.
Really ? Then why can't your 'well-known' MNC give the jobless local grad the first priority ? Or you are just bull-shitting here ?
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