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Originally Posted by dreamerlyfe93 View Post
Hello folks,

Just to help you guys out and hope that some kind soul would help answer my queries.

I applied for a position with a Stat Board at the end of January. Here is my timeline:
First call up for Interview: Start of March. I calculated that it was 5-6 weeks after I submitted my application
First Interview: Middle of March
1-2 weeks later, I was notified that I was shortlisted for the second round.
End of March: 2nd interview and written test.
I was informed that I was offered a position the next working day.
1 month later (middle-end of April), I received the call up about my salary package; invited to go down to sign the contract.
Had to go for medical thereafter.
Reported for work 1 month later (cos havent graduate mah).

So heres the query part:

I know that jobs are difficult to find, and thats why i applied to any job out of desperation and fear that I would be unemployed after graduation. I was over the moon when i got offered a position, thinking that I could grow into any role - even when I had my dream jobs but I got rejected by all

2 months into my job and it was horribly draining. There are limited prospects, field/job scope is disinteresting, boss and colleagues are unwilling to teach (but quick to blame when I commit mistakes) and my supervisor is so horrible that the previous person who held my position resigned in less than 6 months. There are days when I cry thinking about going to work the next day.

The only good thing about this SB job is that now I know what field that I want to go into. I mean, I knew I wanted to get into an International Relations position since its the most related to my studies- but I always zoomed onto the more hard-to-get-into Ministries like MTI, MFA and MINDEF. Was not aware that other Ministries have such roles as well. Now that I do, and am adamant to get into one, I have started applying for jobs in that field. More towards ministries like MSF and MCI. Not looking for work-life balance, but really passion (or at least liking your job) is very important.

So my question is - is the hiring timeline for Ministries about the same as those in SBs? Understand that Vital is involved in the Ministries' hiring process. Would 3-4 months be a reasonable expectation to get hired?

Also, I didn't disclose my current job in my resume (since its just 1-2 months into my current job which is a drastically different field from what I am hoping to get into). Some career advisors say its better not to put but im worried that the HR might uncover...
I'm sorry that you are having such a tough time with your boss and colleagues.

To address your questions, generally the timeline in both Ministries and SBs are similar, but of course there could be exceptions where some Ministries take longer than an SB and vice versa.

Sexondly, it would be difficult for you to hide your stint in the SB if you're looking for another public/civil service role. HR divisions across public agencies are quite porous and it'll be easy to find out which SB you were in.
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