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Originally Posted by dreamerlyfe93 View Post
Hello folks,

Just to help you guys out and hope that some kind soul would help answer my queries.

I applied for a position with a Stat Board at the end of January. Here is my timeline:
First call up for Interview: Start of March. I calculated that it was 5-6 weeks after I submitted my application
First Interview: Middle of March
1-2 weeks later, I was notified that I was shortlisted for the second round.
End of March: 2nd interview and written test.
I was informed that I was offered a position the next working day.
1 month later (middle-end of April), I received the call up about my salary package; invited to go down to sign the contract.
Had to go for medical thereafter.
Reported for work 1 month later (cos havent graduate mah).

So heres the query part:

I know that jobs are difficult to find, and thats why i applied to any job out of desperation and fear that I would be unemployed after graduation. I was over the moon when i got offered a position, thinking that I could grow into any role - even when I had my dream jobs but I got rejected by all

2 months into my job and it was horribly draining. There are limited prospects, field/job scope is disinteresting, boss and colleagues are unwilling to teach (but quick to blame when I commit mistakes) and my supervisor is so horrible that the previous person who held my position resigned in less than 6 months. There are days when I cry thinking about going to work the next day.

The only good thing about this SB job is that now I know what field that I want to go into. I mean, I knew I wanted to get into an International Relations position since its the most related to my studies- but I always zoomed onto the more hard-to-get-into Ministries like MTI, MFA and MINDEF. Was not aware that other Ministries have such roles as well. Now that I do, and am adamant to get into one, I have started applying for jobs in that field. More towards ministries like MSF and MCI. Not looking for work-life balance, but really passion (or at least liking your job) is very important.

So my question is - is the hiring timeline for Ministries about the same as those in SBs? Understand that Vital is involved in the Ministries' hiring process. Would 3-4 months be a reasonable expectation to get hired?

Also, I didn't disclose my current job in my resume (since its just 1-2 months into my current job which is a drastically different field from what I am hoping to get into). Some career advisors say its better not to put but im worried that the HR might uncover...
better disclose. u dun want to be questioned on your integrity (including ommission of info that wld influence decision making) which is a core value for public service - u shd know. I was in my previous job for only 2 Mths when I applied to a stat board. called up for interview and they asked why i was there. I explained and was offered a position during that interview.

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