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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Any idea what is the increment like for consulting analysts? Since the starting pay is quite good
join consulting as TC or MC 4.2 all in.. strat is around 5.4 or something.

year on year increment depends on the number of months you work before FY close, the overall OG performance, ranking etc. for analyst - typically may range from 0 to 300 (very rare). My guess is this translates to around 3%-5%

Depending on which function in consulting you end up in - Typically TCs get promoted slightly faster (around 2 years), then MC (ard 2.5 yrs), then Strat (around 3 years or even longer)

promoted pay at next level for TC and MC as consultant is around 6.8k, then manager is around 10+, for strat consultant is around 8k.. not sure. Just know that a Strat Senior Mgr earns as much as TC/MC lowest level MD.

But don't need to think too much, I think for the whole of this year we only hired 1 new person in TC and MC respectively. Probably no headcount.. last year hired too many.. hope this helps

Source: Current ACN Consulting
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