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Yes different banks have different bonus structure. But the norm that i'm seeing is people with 3 years experience is getting around total compensation of around 60k pa. 5 years experience gets around 70-75k pa in total compensation. Thereafter 5 years of experience, it may then vary quite abit depending on whether the individual is promoted to a leading or managerial position. Because i have people who have less experience (eg: 7-8yrs exp) but at a leading role earning much more than another person who has (10-12yrs exp) but still at a non-leading role. And this is irregardless of whether the person is local uni grad or UOL grad.

Again i'm only talking about middle and back office role.
It is probably because a leading role pays higher in general and I assume you are talking abt total annual salary. Some people may not be promoted to leading role after 10 to 12 years. This is not uncommon. In fact if you are comparing within the same company, this pay difference may not be great, given that the non leading role may be near the pay ceiling.

Another thing to note is that some titles are mostly inflated in banks and does not translate to high salary.

I was from banking middle office. There are other industries paying better than banks.

5 years exp in my company will be getting 90 to 100k as a non leading role. And the ceiling can be from 120 to 150k.
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