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Default Different btw Perm and Contract position

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Hi guys, i have went through all the interviews with accenture(digital,1-1 with senior manager, and closing interview with MD). I was offered a 1year contract employment and was asked if i am open for it. The position i was applying for was Software Engineering Analyst. So my question is what is the difference between a contract employment and a perm position in Accenture?
Perm position normally enjoy additional benefit, like transport allowance, lifestyle allowance (previously known as flexible benefit), free health screening (for those aged 32 and above), insurance coverage, etc. Contract position maybe without all these benefits depends on the what is written on the contract.

In terms of job security, Perm position is better. if you are rolled off from a project, HR may place perm staff at another project opening first. Contract staff really need to go if there is no opportunity.

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