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Default Actuarial Jobs

I am now working in the actuarial dept. The salary is good if you can pass the exams quickly and is technically competent. Another good thing about being an actuary is that you get to do interesting work with reasonable stress level. On the down side, do note that the exams are not easy at all and many intelligent people can get stuck for years and many if not most eventually give up and change profession. Also, the competition for entry level jobs is extremely fierce and the Singapore actuarial industry usually hire about than 5 - 7 fresh grads each year only. Each year, we already have about 100 act science grads and other majors interested in the profession from our local unis. We also receive lots and lots of resumes from other nationalities from unis all over the world. In that sense, it is really risky because you will likely not find an actuarial job and even if you get one, you will likely not be able to pass all exams. On the bright side, there are still many actuaries completing their exams each year and can look forward to a life of relatively high income and "guaranteed" employment.
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