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Well I am a JC student and my views (hopefully not naive) are:

I always thought DSTA is a good place to start off one's career... as there are chances to utilize your engineering skills in defense systems (be it in DSO or DSTA, coming up with our unique defense technology etc...).

There are also chances for project management, using your technical skills plus managing people. Being a scholar, one will be given high profile projects, sent to courses and opportunity to rise faster than others. Though 6 years is long, at the end of it one should be in mid-management? Staying there long term maybe can rise to the position of director?

Even if one decides to leave, wouldn't the skill sets that he acquired there in terms of managing projects be sought after in the private sector? (though technical skills might not be relevant as defense systems are very niche and specialized in nature). What about being a technical consultant? CIO/CTO/COO of some organizations? or starting your own business engineering some products and selling it back to the SAF/DSTA? Aren't all these feasible career paths given's one good profile?

Well those are my thoughts, though i am not too sure whether those are right given my very young age. Is there any comments and advices on my views? is dsta scholarship really not worth taking up? it is a scholarship i am considering for too.

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