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for the defence industry, there is only 1 type of undergrad scholarship whether you consider it "elite" or not - DSTA. unless PSC scholars e.g. OMS, PS etc wish to come into the defence arena.. the key point is that to become "elite", you have to also put in your own efforts. what is the minimum position to reach that you consider "bright"? DS? 2PS? PS? or just CEO or Director? CEO of DSO was "only" a LMS holder, NUS grad. Considered elite? the ex-CE of DSTA Mr Soh Khong Peng who has since passed away (obituary in today's Straits Times) was a former air-force officer (LTC if i m not wrong before he joined DSTA) from Air Log. "elite"?

its true that financial sector can offer you really really big bucks.. but what are the chances to hit that jackpot as compared to what the TS already have on hand even though it is financially less rewarding? how many people who choose financial sector end up with mediocre support roles that can be easily replaced by someone cheaper? bright?
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