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I disagree. If you can't afford, I suggest it's better to do your studies here in sg than take a non-elite scholarship. Grad top in class and then work in the private sector. I can almost guarantee you'll have a brighter future than being a "farmer" scholar, and maybe much happier.

If possible, ask your sponsoring organization for a chance to speak with existing scholars and discretely probe for information from them. See how "high flying" they are.

-ex farmer scholar
I agree with this guy. I wrote that example of India and Sg. I personally dont think UMich will benefit u a lot more than NUS. Forget the ranking/reputation crap. If the bond does not give u a dream job (DSTA is ur top choice ?) , it will not be worth it. 6 yrs is a long time. It will be hard to convince employers to give u a job in a different area. Employers will not look at ur univ, they will look at ur experience.

What options do u have if u stay in Singapore ?? But if u study in SG, work hard and get top grades. If u have good grades, u can go abroad for MS or get a good job locally.

Better still, go n find out how DSTA is as an employer. Can u see a future there ? U shd not worry abt US n Umich. U can go there in future too. Think more abt what u will get at the end of it. One path is DSTA , the other is what u make of it .

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