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Whatever u do will involve TradeOffs.

Let me give u an example. NUS/NTU give scholarships to folks from India to do undergrad in exchange for a bond. Our perception in
India is that it looks like a good deal. However, I did an undergrad in India (top school like IIT) in engineering. Got scholarship
in Sg easily for grad studies with no bond. I was free to do whatever I wanted after studying while those who got bonded will be stuck
for few years. I personally think that a top school in India gives a better chance than Scholarship with Bond in Singapore.

Similarly, a good and useful degree from NUS mite be better than Michigan + Bond. If you do well in studies, u can always do MS from
abroad in future.

Now, if u get a good job with a great future, Bond is not that bad. But if the job is bad, u will feel stuck and frustrated and feel
that many who did not take scholarships are better off.

Again, bond for 2-3 years is ok. But 6 years will define your future. It will be hard to change after that.

Your option are UMich + DSTA with 6 years. It does not seem to a case on the positive side to me.

So, even though u mite be in US at 21, at 26 u mite find urself behind locals grads from SMU/NUS, especially MoneyWise. I left Singapore
since Engineering is not the thing to be in in Singapore.

Looking at the combo (DSTA + 6 yrs), I would not take it. But I am not sure if I could say the same when I was 18yrs old. I am 30 or so
now. So, based on my experience, I value my freedom way more than Singapore+BOND.
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