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Originally Posted by bongewj View Post
I will be studying Mechanical Engineering at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor under DSTA scholarship. bond is 6 years. does that help?

In addition, can i know how much value an overseas education adds when looking for a job. Assuming that i leave after the bond, does it really matter if, e.g. i get a masters from stanford or mit? will they look at work experience more or education?

thanks for the reply!
If your family can afford it, try not to take up this scholarship. As you alluded to, after 6 years, your CV will not be impressive at all.

The best scholarships in my opinion are: SAF overseas scholarship and PSC overseas. But you have to make sure you are among the best candidates, so you get to have high CEP and put on fast track to reach your potential early, eg BG in SAF and Perm Sec in PSD. I'm not sure how you can find that out, though.

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