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Originally Posted by bongewj View Post
Hi, i currently have a place in an overseas uni, and will most likely be going on a scholarship. Would like to know what kind of prospects i would have after i finish serving my bond (6 years), by which time i'll be 31. I've heard that when you've worked in a company for more than a few years, subsequent interviews and job applications will look more at where you worked previously than where you've studied previously. How true is this? would i be "restricted" and "categorised" based on where i worked? also, it would be good if i can have feedback about studying overseas on a scholarship. Would greatly appreciate responses. thanks

ps. i hope i posted in the right section. If not, please advice where to post this thread. thanks
You'll need to post more info such as,

1)Where are you going to study
2)What are you studying
3)Who will you be bonded with and to work as what
4)What sort of scholarship it is

Answers will vary greatly depending on your reply. I'll wait till you have replied before my inputs. Thanks!

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