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Default Factual Local Bank Salaries - DBS , UOB , OCBC (A commoner climbing up the ranks)


Been searching for local bank salaries as I am progressing the ranks in a local bank. I checked through this forum and feel that many people are not giving realistic salaries. Example, work for 2 to 3 years can become AVP. or AVP salary > 15k etc.

Below are the ranks that I am aware of based on my experience. I was working at the back office and now currently in the middle office.

Hopefully the community can update what I type. I appreciate people giving actual salaries that they have received when working. Kindly avoid those" My friend told me" comments. Also, if you are a high flyer front office guy, please do comment on other threads. I believe if you are a senior rank person, ED, MD , you probably will not look at forums for salary guide.

UOB: Class 2 Officer , Senior Officer, Manager, AVP, VP1, VP2, FVP .....

DBS: Analyst, Associate, Senior Associate, AVP, VP, SVP , ED , MD

OCBC: ??

I can confirm that if you are back office UOB AVP, your salary can be something like 6k+ (lowest). The band is quite wide.

For Associate, your band can be 4k + to 5.8k. For Senior associate, can be from 68000 to 100k per year.

The above figures, I have worked the roles before and have asked the HR directly.

For DBS, most back/middle jobs require at least 5 years of banking experience. 8 years and above for AVP.
Please do share more details.

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