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Originally Posted by maomao1988 View Post
I am looking into applying for stat board jobs, but I have a short episode of depression before. I wonder if I should declare or not.

Also, what else I have to declare when I apply for stat board / government jobs?

Can someone advise?
Hi there. My advise is not to declare your history. Although the work is increasingly aware of mental illnesses, it would be a lie to say the stigma is gone. While employers may say they do not discriminate, in actual fact, they could still hide behind another reason to reject you. So do not give them this opportunity to do so.

Typically, for non-sensitive jobs, they will only ask you to do a routine medical checkup which involves a urine test, eyesight test, height and weight and a physical examination. They are not allowed access to your medical records unless it is for compelling reasons such as from a court order, or as I have mentioned above, that the medical history is necessary for a person to be able to perform the job.

Depression is an insidious condition. Having personally fought it for a long time, I can only assure you that you are more than capable of holding down a job, because we face challenges on a daily basis that feels like a mountain over the ordinary person. Let this condition be a strength that we use, rather than see it as a weakness. Hang in there!

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