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Originally Posted by felzus View Post
Appreciate ur help. Guess i would probably be considering Architecture. For now, i need to study hard for my A's as if i don't get grades, these courses are not even up to my discretion to pick. Haha.
Well firstly, FM is a profession that manages completed buildings more like maintenance of the building so that things runs smoothly. An experience building manager (10yrs) can earn 8k or more.

As for PM for main contractor, they will either wants a civil engineer which is registered with the engineer board but they will also look at a project management graduate too. It really depends on the main contractor. For PM, one can also be working for a developer, architecture firm or a consultancy firm.

I bet to differ that most will choose a civil engineer to be a PM as to those who possess a project management degree. I myself is having a project management degree and now a PM for one of the listed developer in Singapore. I have a team of consultants (architects, civil engineers, M&E engineers, ID etc) helping and advising me on the project but on the other hand one also needs a fair amount of experience in order to make a better decision. None of my colleagues is a civil engineers hahahaha........
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