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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
What you suggested above are not passive incomes. They are side incomes which require a fair amount of effort.

Passive incomes are those incomes where you only put in initial effort like long term stock investment where you get regular dividend income. Or rental income from property - initial effort to get tenant, sit back for 1 to 2 years and receive rental income. Then get new tenant. This part of the work, pay an agent to do it.

Another way is to earn income through royalty from book sales. But you have to first write a good book that people want to buy and read.

I have been investing for passive incomes from the very first day I started work.

After 33 long years of nurturing and building up my investment for passive income, I have seen my passive income steadily rising from $20K 13 years ago to $165K of passive income for 2017. It has not been easy but it is not impossible either.
Not bad, I am 37 yo and only getting 50k from dividends this year. Hope to reach your level by 50 yo.
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