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Default With FI, follow your passion

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It's good that you find meaning and satisfaction in your work. If I'm in your shoes, I would also want to continue working. What is your advice to those who have enough passive income and are tired of their job? Should they retire or look for another more meaningful job? I'm in this situation and I am in my late 40s.
First of all, congratulations to you on attaining Financial Independence (FI). Attaining FI means you have options in regards to the kind of life you wish to live, which includes choosing the kind of job to do.

I would only recommend going into retirement if you have health issues and need rest to recuperate/recover, or if you have a hobby to retire to. And certainly do not retire for some foolish reasons like avoiding the peak hour traffic each day!

As you are only in your 40s, and not happy with your current job scope, you could explore taking on a different role with lower responsibility and correspondingly lower remuneration while staying in the same company to enjoy your accumulated benefits.

If not possible to stay in the same company, go out and explore doing something you have passion in and still bring in some "pocket" money. As long as you are paid, your CPF will continue to grow! The CPF is an important pillar for anyone in their retirement years.
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