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this is rubbish. fact is, if you're a school teacher (or similar equivalents), even a very good one getting grade A at appraisals, you will not make as much as a banker, but you will be comfortable. i'm not saying my friends are paupers; they're earning less than top dollars but at a comfortable level. and they can't make it? some of them left after their bonds/a few broke bonds and are either working in much more lucrative fields, some prefer to do other things. so most people go only for dollars and cents, but some people don't, some can afford not to; the world is not homogeneous, neither is it fair

nothing is guaranteed in life, but if you can afford it, why not go for a better university experience that will give you higher chances of getting a foot in the door? and honestly, $85k is not that all that much for a fairly well-off family in singapore

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u heard a guy mention people from top schools are earning less, and the excuses are bond, priorities, passion. ********, they cant make it so they talk abt all this. bcus Cambridge with Dad's money does not make u Warren Buffett.
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