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Hi, thanks for the reply. I'm 2nd lower. my basic is 2.8k but I'm sort of "required" to work Saturday since this is construction work and Sat is considered OT. OT pay is ok i guess, after taken in allowances and OT, my pay roughly 3.4 to 3.5k. But i spend tons of hours at work

I agree with you on project engineers are not doing true engineering work. In order to become PE, one needs to have at least 2 yrs of exp under supervision of another PE so working for consultant is definitely a must I think. I've been doing some search but it seems like consultancy are not hiring? Anyway, I'm on a dilemma whether I should make the switch. Project management seems to have a potential to grow as I go further in this career path but managing work just bore the hell out of me, feeling like all the technical stuff i learnt in NUS is wasted.
I'm not sure what route you're interested in taking since everyone is different. But I feel that construction is typically the lower tier in terms of pay because I went for quite a few interviews within that field (including m&e consultancy).

With regards to the consultancy openings, there are definitely still jobs out there because I was offered a few roles (fresh grad) in some of the companies even tho I didnt accept it in the end. Pay wise is definitely lower than your current pay if u factor in the OT pay but if you feel that you need the experience in this field, it's not a bad place to start off.

For PE, typically you need at least 5 years(quickest) working experience and work under a PE for at least 2 projects (a certain amt cap) if I'm not wrong. Of course, that is on top of the 2 exams you need to take.

If you want to make a jump, I recommend you to finish up at least 1 year so you can count it as proper experience in ur CV. Since you're already about 8 months in. Anyway, our market is pretty bad in terms of progression wise so it doesn't really matter which field you decide to go to. All the good paying jobs are typically CS related or programming wise (at least within the engineering field).

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