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the most misinformed post i've seen in this thread. Career opps for graduates from top-tier schools have never been limited by their field(s) of study.

You should choose SMU over Cornell/Cambridge only if you value a job that is strictly based in Sg.
agree. a number of my friends who have graduated from top-tier foreign universities studied history, literature, science, art teachers, PPE, etc. sure some of them are schoolteachers because they are BONDED to MOE (thus do not take a bond if you do not want to teach). if they're in other professions which are do not pay top dollar like finance, it's because they are bonded (ditto what's in the brackets above) or CHOOSE to do so and can AFFORD to do so as their families well do not need their contributions. yes, not everything is about money--of course, this is a SALARY forum and many who come here do see money as a priority, there's nothing wrong with that, but let's not generalize, it doesn't apply to everyone

of course, money is important and indeed i also do know of a number of top tier university graduates--who studied literature, history, art history, PPE, along those lines--who are in the financial sector

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