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Hi all,

I'm a fresh grad, B.Eng Mech. Engineering from NUS. Been working for a local oil & gas EPC as a project engineer for 8 months now. Basic is 2k8, is it too low? My work has been mostly site coordination, progress monitoring, material request/control & lots of paper work. I feel that my work is not engineering enough and more on admin. If i were to join a consultancy, would I get to do more engineering work? I'm also thinking I should get the P.E certification now since I just graduated and my memory still fresh but dunno if it's worth the effort (I have very limited time outside of work). Between doing engineering and project management, which career path is more recommended?
Umm? Just curious what is your class of honours? 2.8k seems really low for the basic pay esp for a NUS grad. I had companies who offered me that range but I rejected all of them. Eventually, I manged to find a job which offers about 3.5k range? But I'm still waiting for them to call me down to sign the contract. I'm a fresh grad from EE nus btw. The pay scale for EE and ME is about the same since they lump us tgt as m&e usually so you can roughly gauge the differences.

The problem with project engineers is that it's not truly a technical job and you're not really learning to be a proper engineer. It's more of project management and there are no needs for you to be a LEW or even PE in this route. I suggest you jump to m&e consultancy field if your intention is to become a LEW/PE in the future. The design aspect is very important for a PE field.
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