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hi all,

Is it true that SCB dont give salary increment at all?

I am in the midst of a package negotiation for a non-client facing associate role and was told by my friend to jack it up higher since there will be no increment. Any current or ex employee who could shed some insights? thanks
Quite true, this year the bank announced their results how good how good but on average most people did not get increment. I have colleagues who 2 years no increment already. So if you want to join make sure you JACK IT UP GAO GAO cos you may end up getting no increment for the next 2-3 years gg.

This year no promote = 0 increment (some luckier pple got 1-3%).
Then promote = 1-3% increment

Hear many colleagues KP, promote liao give them 1% increment, gg kenna rank up for nothing.
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