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Originally Posted by Unregistered_101 View Post
I would say

Your 1st investment property is really not performing, you should sell it off and pay off your own home. Then save up.

I would cut back on the watch purchase personally, when times are bad they literally have low value. Its an expensive hobby as well. I don't include watches as part of my networth because of this.

Also investing in stocks etf etc is not suitable for everyone, saying it is one thing but how well are you able to invest in this sector assuming you have cash. You should dabble abit to show if you suited before you consider moving your investment strategy. No issues with just property investment but one needs to pick the right props that give back a good yield and hopefully cap gains (en bloc etc)
1st investment property just bought not too long ago at fire sale price. So the yield is slightly higher (didn't buy at $1.6M) but yeah, still not as high as I would like it to be but it's really more a capital growth/en bloc play. Same with the 2nd investment property, bought at way lower than market price today (it's commercial).

Watch collection is just Pateks and Rolexes, all second hand and bought for maybe $40k in all. The $60k estimate is what i can get if i need to sell it today. Fyi, yes it is a hobby but I do flip it quite often and i never buy new. I buy opportune pieces at good prices and if i get bored, sell it for next opportunity. (I also never buy Omegas, Panerai, IWC, Longines, Hublots etc or include them in net worth as those are truly consumer watches which depreciate)

Anyway thanks for your advice and will dabble in stocks and etf investments small scale at first to get a feel. Hopefully can report back to this forum with my progress!

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