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Thank you all for the replies.

Unfortunately I only have two choices which is either locally private uni (Kaplan/PSB only) or study overseas. Even SIM-UOL is not in my list.

The cheapest for mid-tier Aus Uni, QUT, would even cost me A$80-90K tentatively for 2 years tuition fees + expenses. So I am not sure if I should just stay put in SG or study overseas so I have a "better chance" to get into Big4 after I grad. Studying overseas really cost a huge sum of amount so I am not sure if it is even worth the ROI.

Is there a huge difference for fresh grads salary between Big 4 and Mid-tier firms?
unless your family can afford it comfortably, you are looking at 4x tuition fees as degrees here usually cost in the region of S$20-30k only...

mid-tier usually pay 90% of big4... so expect a 10% paycut, if fresh grad in big4 earns $2850, you can expect 2500-2600 in mid-tier... same as the ranks go upwards...

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