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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Thanks. Then may I know after the status is changed to 'in process', how long it takes for HR to contact us for interview, if we are shortlisted?
Like I said before, it depends on a multitude of factors, some of which I've already listed. In process really doesn't mean anything except "we're starting to read these now". Keep in mind if the closing date is, say, 11 Feb, and you submitted on 5 Feb or similar, then you'll be close to the bottom of the pile, and we may not even get to you before we choose somebody.

You usually get contacted before you get toggled to "shortlisted", although sometimes it may work the other way around.

Originally Posted by Sierra View Post
I have a couple of applications which ticked off as Unsuccessful, but also a few which is in "Submitted" status for around 2~3weeks, I guess it's unsuccessful and the HR forgot to mark it as it is.
No. Only when it's ticked as "Unsuccessful" does it mean you didn't get it. Depending on the job, the "Submitted" tag can stay there for quite a while. All the different government groups work at different paces. Sometimes you might stay as "Submitted" for over 2 months if that HR department is particularly swamped and unable to get to the posting.
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