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Wink Salary

Hello not sure if this would still be of use to you. But I started out in the early childhood industry in 2015 with O level and earned $1500. I worked as an assistant teacher for about a year. Then in 2016 I worked in a kindergarten for 2 years, initial salary $1600 and I graduated from Temasek polytechnic with an ECCE diploma ( part time) and my salary increased to $2200. Now I am working at childcare with a pay of $2600 ( internaatiinal schools pay higher than govt). As for now I will be continuing to pursue my degree in ECCE. My colleagues who have a degree earn about $3200-$3500 depending on exp. My opinion is this industry is for those with passion for children and willingness to do anything that will develop children. It is not so for those who want to have lucrative salary & benefits as we are a growing industry however we aren't exactly paid well. It is not an easy job, there are many ups and downs in this sector. We do work very hard and have challenges, this is no nanny or babysitter job. If you're dedicated, best of luck in this field !
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