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Originally Posted by miwashi View Post
Actually, I'm doing a msc now, but it's in science communication, because my interest and expertise is in editorial and publications work. Unfortunately I think you can count the number of positions like this with one hand. Anyway thanks for the company list, I'll check up on them.
i beg to differ. despite the proliferation of the new media, the publishing industry has been facing a shortage of editors for a long time, particularly in niche areas. i doubt this will change anytime soon as websites by corporates/publishers would need to be edited as well

in fact, i know a literature graduate who is now a science editor for a MNC (after 5-6 years as a more junior editor), managing a team, producing very niche academic journals and publications. of course, the journals and publications would have their own panel of experts to ensure that the technical stuff are all okay

most trained in these specific areas either prefer to work in these fields, or they lack editorial skills & experience, so theoretically, you should be in an advantageous position

i'm not sure about specifics like pay etc., but i'm guessing that starting pay for a non-experienced fresh hire is not great. but you should definitely try to go talk to more people and network
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