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Hi thanks for that. Yes I am from private sector and not too familiar how the ministries work. Luckily for the contributions here, if not I would have wasted time applying for positions that are too low. I know a lot of companies out there inflate their titles, but didn't know it's that bad in the public sector. SM 4-6k is really stunning for me as my company's SM is paying 12-15k...

Having said that I know that pay is not everything and I am prepared to apply if the pay is similar or slight pay cut. I just need to know which rank I am suppose to be applying for, so now I know will need to apply for at least AD rank.
A note of caution should you apply for AD: they might not consider you for that level due to your 3+ years of exp. If you check LinkedIn, most ADs have been in the system for 6-7 years (excluding high flyers/scholars). Hence you might only be suitable for Manager even though your pay is high. Of course ultimately it's how nuch they're paying you and not your title, but aa far as I know, Manager in MOH should be MX11 or MX12, maximum salary ~7k.

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