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I assume you're from private sector? You have to understand that most titles in civil service are inflated (some even with Assistant Director as entry level). For MOH, it's AM/M > SM > AD > SAD > DD > D. If you earn more than 5k with just 3 years of exp, you might have to take a pay cut if you join the service.
Hi thanks for that. Yes I am from private sector and not too familiar how the ministries work. Luckily for the contributions here, if not I would have wasted time applying for positions that are too low. I know a lot of companies out there inflate their titles, but didn't know it's that bad in the public sector. SM 4-6k is really stunning for me as my company's SM is paying 12-15k...

Having said that I know that pay is not everything and I am prepared to apply if the pay is similar or slight pay cut. I just need to know which rank I am suppose to be applying for, so now I know will need to apply for at least AD rank.

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